Economics Course

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When students enter a module, they see a progress bar that indicates the assignments that need to be completed. Visuals along with text were used heavily in the course.


Screenshot of economics course. The progress bar shows icons that represent assignments that need to be completed. The badge check in allows students to monitor their progress.

This course also uses a badge system to award students for satisfactory completing assignments that match the course learning outcomes. Receiving all of the badges in the course exempts students from the final exam. By adding a gamified element, students are motivated to actively participate, demonstrate their understanding of learning outcomes and engage in a variety of assignments.


A second screenshot of the economics course shows the different adaptive releases used for students that met the badge requirements.

Students are expected to check their progress before every exam. An adaptive release is set in the final exam module for students that successfully collected all of the course badges. However, exempt students were still given the opportunity to complete the final exam to improve their overall score.