As usual, I haven’t updated my blog. I don’t think I am cut out for the blogging part of my site! I think once a month might be enough for me. So time for updates.

I need to make time to create a few more courses, but my final (FINAL) graduate course is pretty intense. I may wait until after August to start working on my personal projects again. I have been playing around with Blackboard CourseSites, and that has been interesting. CourseSites is this Blackboard’s free LMS, which is perfect for my needs. Grad student with nothing to teach and a desire to learn. I don’t know what to do with the site, but I want to be able to navigate an LMS without paying for it. I don’t need one, but I need to know how to operate one! I will post some screen shots of one module I have added tonight. CourseSites is pretty user-friendly. When I was a middle school teacher, we used Edmodo for lessons, and it operated the same way. I might watch some Lynda courses next week just to get a little more comfortable with (free)Blackboard.

Here is the website if you want to play around with it: https://www.coursesites.com/webapps/Bb-sites-course-creation-BBLEARN/pages/index.html

Graduate school is almost over! I will need to find time to make more content for my portfolio and start the job hunt! New beginnings!


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